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Sagimidare (鷺乱)

One type of dance in Noh. Sagi, or “heron” is danced by a heron in front of the emperor on the orders of an angel. It is a taiko-mono performed with instruments including the flute, Kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi and Taiko. As it places emphasis on the pure and innocent world of a white heron, it is only allowed to be performed by a young boy, or a performer older than 60 or 70. The form of the dance includes special steps including nukiashi that resemble the form of the heron, and the difficulty in it lies less in the technical aspect than in reflecting the performers humanity and a sense of liveliness on stage. Purity is expressed through all-white costumes. Furthermore, there are two types of Midare, simply Midare refers typically to Shojōmidare, and in Noh there is also a separate, which is separate from sagi no Midare.

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