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Shishi (獅子)

One type of dance in Noh. In the latter part of Noh’s Ishibashi, it is danced to portray a crazed spirit animal or wild boar living deep in the ghostly valleys of the deep mountains. It differs from other dances danced with the fan held, in that nothing is held in the two hands, instead danced with both sleeves pulled straight and special forms such as waving the head. Also, some plays take from the hayashi, and Noh’s Mochizuki in the scene where the Shite/Ozawa no gyōbu tomofusa dances, and in Uchito moude where it is danced by the hayashi and a Kamimai of the priest of the Isei Shrine. It is a taiko-mono performed with instruments including the flute, Kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi and Taiko. While the hayashi of kyōgen are similar to the hayashi of Noh, the dance forms and the music of the hayashi are special, including elements of kyōgen, and have many strongly acrobatic elements. In Echigomuko and Hayashimuko, the son-in-law of the Shite dances.

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