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Kagura (神楽)

One type of dance in Noh. A very elegant dance danced by a female god or priestess holding treasure. It is danced in Noh’s Miwa, Tatsuta and Makiginu. It is a taiko-mono performed with instruments including the flute, kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi and taiko. The first half is typically danced to music unique to kagura while holding the treasure, and the second half to music of the kamimai while holding a fan, but there are times where the entire play can be danced to the music unique to the kagura. In kyōgen also, kagura is danced in Daihannnya and Ishigami, and the kagura of kyōgen mimics the suzunodan of Sanbansō (Sanbansan), with the woman dancing with a bell and fan, played with the flute and drums.

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