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Kurotare (黒垂)

One type of wig worn by the performers, the kurotare is a tare, or type of wig, made of black hair. The tare is made by weaving perfectly straight black horse hairs on a ring around 10cm in diameter, and the ring part is worn placed on the top of the head. The hair stretched almost to the shoulder, but no hairs are placed on the part covering the face. As the very middle of the ring on top of the head appears open when the tare is worn, some type of eboshi is always worn. In Noh, the kurotare is worn by atoshite playing the roles of older characters such as aged warriors in plays such as Takasago, Tatsuta and Atsumori. In kyōgen it is only rarely worn, but is used in some unorthodox ways, such as attached to the end of a bamboo cane to represent a horse. There are also white tare, used for young deities and warriors.

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