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Okitsuzumi (置鼓)

A special type of hayashigoto (a part within the play performed mainly by the hayashi). The okituzumi is performed in plays with Okina at the start of the play (during the entrance of the waki). As it always includes the flute, it is also called “Netori okituzumi.” While it is always played in wakinoh that includes Okina, it also used to be played in shura-mono and kazura-mono and in Noh performed at the opening of kyōgen. There is also Okitsuzumi in special plays such as Tamanoi even with no Okina, as well as a special Okitsuzumi known as mikake no okituzumi in the Kotsuzumikata Kanze School version of Dojōji. Where Okitsuzumi is performed in wakinoh, it is a special performance that differs from the typical performance of the waki, and depending on the style may be called Kuchiake, Reiwaki, hanakekuchi and Okinanashi.

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