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Netori (音取)

One type of special hayashigoto in Noh (where the hayashi becomes the main part in a play). The netori is typically played with the flute at the start of the play (mainly during the entrance of the waki in okinatsuki Noh or rōjo-no-mono. It is sometimes also called netori okitsuzumi as it can be played together with the okitsuzumi by the kotsuzumi. Depending on the type of play, there are also ma-no-netori and kazura-no-netori, and while netori is always performed in okinatsuki-wakinoh, it also used to be played in okinatsuki-kazura-no. It can also be performed where the koi-nonetori kogaki in Noh play Kiyotsune is listed, a particularly difficult part for the fuekata. In this performance, so the sound of a single flute is heard, the shite appears quietly on stage, and the fuekata moves farther upstage than normal and performs facing the curtain.

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