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Okinanashi (翁ナシ)

A type of special performance in okinatsuki-wakinoh which leaves out the okina. As the okina is left out of high level performances in which it is usually performed, okinanashi differs from simply performing wakinoh independently. Okinanashi is characterized by the waki appearing in a similar as the tayū in okina, moving from the curtain to the hashigakari, and after clasping both hands and offering the thanks of the okina at the front of the stage (the front area of the main stage), sitting in the okina-no-za in front of the fueza. After this a hayashi connects to the shidai and nanori of the waki. Okinanashi is only rarely performed, with the last performance on September 15, 2008 at the third performance for the 25th anniversary of the National NohTheatre in Takasago/Okinanashi.

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