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Maikyōgen (舞狂言)

One type of kyōgen. Maikyōgen refers to kyōgen that borrows the form of Noh, particularly mugen-noh. It is called maikyōgen, or “dance kyōgen” for its focus on the dance of the shite, who plays the part of a spirit. Typically in kyōgen, the main actor plays the shite and the supporting actor plays the ado, but maikyōgen follows the Noh naming of shite, waki and so on. There are four maikyōgen plays shared by the Okura School and Izumi School, Tako, Tsūen, Yūzen and Rakuami, as well as the Izumi School plays Sugoroku, Semi and Tokoro. There are complete parodies of Noh plays, such as Tsūen, which parodies Yorimasa. Also, while it is not characterized as maikyōgen, there are plays such as Nushi (Nushiheiroku) in which the first half takes the conversational style of kyōgen and the second half takes the style of maikyōgen. Also known as shimaikyōgen.

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