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Wataribyōshi (渡リ拍子)

One of the rhythms used in Noh and kyōgen. The narrow definition is a sagariha performed slowly as entrance music in the rhythm of the wataribyōshi, and the utai sung after the sagariha. Utai sung with wataribyōshi are sung using hiranori, and are led by the taiko with the utai entering from the second beat. It has a fuller feeling than typical hiranori, and is used Noh plays such as Shōjō and Arashiyama. There are also arrangements in which the flute takes the wataribyōshi and enters on the first beat. Plays such as this include Sagariha, Gaku, Shōjōmidare, Sagimidare and Shishi, and typically wataribyōshi refers to Sagariha.

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