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Hayafue (早笛)

A hayashigoto played upon the entrance of the atoshite or atotsure. It is played at a high, heroic tempo upon the running entrance of spirits such as dragons, crazy people, and crazed warriors. Hayafue are officially two stanzas and three verses, but they can be abbreviated or changed to one stanza and two verses where the tsure is used. Hayafue are performed with the flute, kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi and taiko, although there are plays with hayafue where the taiko is not used such as Hachinoki and Yōchisoga. The form of the hayafue may also change depending on the play. The hayafue of kyōgen are abbreviated forms of those of Noh, and are performed in plays such as Kanjinhijiri (the kaeai of the Noh play Shirahige) upon the entrance of the spirit of the carp.

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