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Furyū (風流)

Okina (properly referred to as shikisanban) has been called “Noh, yet not Noh,” as it is a special performance closer to a Shinto ritual or prayer song. Performed by the kyōgenkata, after the okina enters the curtain and the following the sanbasō, often a beautifully dressed Shinto or Buddhist deity or spirit will make a grand appearance and speak about the meaning of life. There are 12 furyū in the Okura School including Daikoku and Mochi, and 31 furyū in the Izumi School, including Ari and Bishamon. Okina are performed for the New Year or other felicitous occasions, with furyū being even more celebratory, and performances have declined in recent years, being only rarely performed at the openings of Noh Theatres or similar events.

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