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Sandan-no-mai (三段之舞)

A type of dance in Noh and kyōgen. The shitetsure or kokata dance the naka-no-mai, officially a five-step dance, godan-no-mai (go meaning “five”), in three steps, hence the name Sandan-no-mai (san meaning “three”). Where the Tsure performs the dance in the role of the tennyo, it is known as tennyo-no-mai. There are daishōmono (“big and small”) Sandan-no-mai, which includes the flute, Kotsuzumi, and Otsuzumi, and taiko-mono¬, which add the taiko as well. The Sandan-no-mai performed by the Kyōgenkata are particularly celebratory, and in addition to the kyōgen plays of Mochizake and Sarumuko, the temple god appearing in the ¬ai-kyōgen also performs Sandan-no-mai. The Sandan-no-mai of kyōgen is similar to that of Noh but airier and with the inclusion of the Taiko.

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