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Jitori (地取リ)

The vocal performed after the shidai, one of the chants in Noh (where the vocals are the focus) by the jiutai. Jitori are sung with the second verse of the standard three-verse jitori omitted. Jitori are characterized by their low tone, which seems to resonate from the floor. They are also known as jigaeshi. There are also jitori after the shidai in kyōgen, but in typical kyōgen fashion many of the verses are omitted, and only the second half of the third verse, omō ran etc., is sung. Instead of the jiutai, the jidori of kyōgen are often sung by the kōken or other role in place of the jiutai. In the Noh play Ataka, there is a rare kyōgen jitori in which the mountain guide accompanying the performs a jitori as a parody.

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