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Omi-Sarugaku (近江猿楽)

A sarugaku school which performed mainly in the middle ages in the Ōmi Province (where Shiga Prefecture is now located). It was a very strong school which performed for the Hie-jinjaand Taga-jinja. Yamashina, Shimosaka and Hiei belonged to the Kami-Sanza, and Mimaji, Ohmori and Sakaudo belonged to the Shimo-Sanza. The Omi-Sarugaku style is described as ghostly, emotional and sophisticated. Among these Dō Ami (Inu-Oh, Inu-Ami) were loved by the third-generation general of the Muromachi Shogunate, Yoshimitsu Ashikaga, and even Ze-Ami himself spoke highly of their talent. They began to disappear after that, and the tsure and hayashi-kata of Omi-Sarugakuwere absorbed by the Kanze school of Yamato Sarugaku at the start of the Edo era and disappeared.

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