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Yamato-Sarugaku (大和猿楽)

A sarugaku school which performed mainly in the middle ages in the Yamato Province (where Nara Prefecture is now located). It gained strength performing in religious festivals at the extremely influential Kōfuku-ji shrine and included Enman-Iza (later the Konparu School), the Sakado-Za (later the Kongo School), the Tobi-Za (later the Hōshō School) and the Yuzaki-Za (later the Kanze School). During the Muromachi era the Yuzaki-Za moved into Kyoto where Kan’ami and Zeami practiced, and other schools followed. The style of Yamato-Sarugaku is rougher and more demonic, and as the Kanze School incorporated more elements of Kabuki, it became recognized as a highly refined art form. The four schools faced danger during the Warring States Period, but were protected by the policies of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, continuing to absorb other schools. After that, they continued to be protected by the Edo Shogunate, focusing on refining their art through the Edo era, with their pedigree now extending to five shite kata schools.

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