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Tamba-Sarugaku (丹波猿楽)

A sarugaku school which performed mainly in the middle ages in the Tamba Province (where Kyoto and the Hyogo Prefecture are now located). It was a very strong school which included Yata, Umewaka and Hiyoshi. Yata is an old school known as a honza, or “original school” which played at religious festivals at temples such as Hosshō-ji, the Kamo-sha and the Sumiyoshi-sha. Umewaka and Hiyoshi performed regularly at the Sendō Imperial Palace. Tamba-Sarugaku was a force in the sarugaku of Kyoto, but as Yamato-Sarugaku moved into Kyoto, the tsure and jiutai-gata of Tamba-Sarugaku were absorbed by Yamato-Sarugaku at the start of the Edo era and disappeared.

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