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Nyotai (女体)

One type of kogaki in Noh, nyotai, or “female form,” refers to when the shite performs in the appearance of a woman, instead of the standard male appearance. Nyotai is used in Sesshōseki, Chikubujima and Ema, and not only do the masks and costumes change, but nyotai also includes large changes to the vocals and forms. For example, in Sesshōseki, the atojite typically appears as a fox, but where the nyotai kogaki is included, the image of a fox transformed into the mythical female figure Tamamo-no-Mae is often emphasized. One of the Onryo, or demon masks, such as the Deigan or Reijo are typically worn, accompanied by a scarlet ōkuchibakama or nagabakama.

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