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Banshikichō (盤渉調)

Banshikichō is a tone of the flute used in Noh. It used to be one of the six tones of gagaku, traditional Japanese court music, which used the banshiki as the main tone in the mode, similar to a B note in Western music. However, as theNoh flute cannot be tuned, the sound of each flute is slightly different, and the tone is determined by how each of the seven finger holes are opened. Specifically, the ōshikichō is a melody formed starting from a low sound, ending with the sixth hole opened all the way. Ōshikichō is the standard tone for the flute, one tone lower than banshikichō, although banshikichō may also be used for some hayashigoto, such as those where the music is the main part, in plays such as Hayamai, Banshōjonomai and Banshōraku.

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