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Musashino University NohgakuResearch Center (武蔵野大学能楽資料センター)

The research center was established to give an accurate portrayal of modern Noh, which now has a performance history of some 650 years. Advised by singer and Japanese language scholar Zenmaro Toki and Noh scholar Hisashi Furukawa, Musashino University (formerly Musashino Women’s University) and an administrative committee led by Tsunejirō Andō founded the center in 1972, with materials opened to the public in 1974. The center houses scripts and chant books of Noh and kyōgen, dance and musical materials, books and magazines published from the Meiji era onward, tapes and photographs of performances, as well as programs of Noh and kyōgen events. It also offers open lectures and events, issues an annual bulletin, and allows many people to contribute to its research. The center is located on the grounds of Musashino University in Shinmachi, Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo.

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