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Wanyashoten (わんや書店)

Publisher which carries Noh-related written materials including chant books, headquartered in Jinbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Wanyashoten began as a publisher in the Ansei years of the latter part of the Edo era (1854-1859). Before that, it is said to have been run by kishū merchants handling Negoro lacquerware, and that is where the name Wanya came from, wan referring to “ware” and ya to “store.” It began to specialize in Noh-related materials from the Meiji 20s (1887-1897) with the reemergence of Nohgaku, which had gone into decline with the collapse of the Edo shogunate, publishing Hōshō School and Konparu School chant books and other materials. Wanyashoten now handles a wide variety of materials, from introductory books on Noh and kyōgen to specialized books and practice materials, and has become an indispensible in the growth and development of Nohgaku. Ejima Hiroshi now runs Wanyashoten.

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