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Nanori-bue (名ノリ笛)

Music played on the flute at the beginning of a song or when the waki supporting actor enters the stage. There are three types of Nanori-bueshin, gyō and so – depending on the role of the waki and whether he is accompanied by a waki-tsure actor. The flute music that is played when the waki stops on the stage is known by a different name, yose-bue. Other than inwaki-noh– a play led by a shite actor in the role of a god – Nanori-bue is performed only when the waki sings a short vocal of self-introduction as he comes on stage, not when he accompanies another performer. Nanori-bue is often played to announce the entrance of a lower-ranked monk in plain kinagashi clothing, such as in the plays Izutsu and Yajima.

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