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Ise-Sarugaku (伊勢猿楽)

A school of Sarugaku that was performed during shrine rituals at the Grand Shrine of Ise. According to “Fūshi Kaden” byZeami, there were three Sarugaku troops active in the mid-Muromachi period. The Waya and Katsuta troops both dated back to the Heian era and moved into Sarugaku from roots in Jushi acrobatic performances at temples, while the Aoso troop went to ruin when its protector, the Kitabatake family, was overthrown in the Momoyama era. The two remaining troops joined the Kita School and performed in the Edo era, but finally became extinct in the late Edo or early Meiji era. Jushi acrobatic performances are still held as part of Shingaku during Okina-mai in the annual festivals of Isshiki Shrine in Ise. These performances are highly regarded and seen as important remnants of the origins of Okina-sarugaku.

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