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Ō-nori (大ノリ)

A vocal style linked to tempo and rhythm. Noh vocals sometimes take the rhythm of the music, and sometimes not. Those that take the rhythm are classified into three types: Hira-nori, Chū-nori and Ō-nori. When actors chant in Ō-nori, they basically pronounce each of eight syllables to each of the eight beats – for example, "So-No-To-Ki-Yo-Shi-Tsu-Ne." The first syllable often starts at the second beat but the starting beat varies, depending on the number of syllables and whether there is a melody or not. Sometimes hashiri (chanting in quicker rhythm) or hiki (longer syllables) are used. In Ō-nori, the actors often chant liltingly with a good beat. Taiko sometimes join the music, but not always.

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