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Uki (ウキ)

The name of a musical scale for chanting. Uki appears between middle and high basic notes, between high and higher kuri notes, and so on. The term also refers to the technique of singing in a higher key to get uki notes. Uki notes are often used briefly when a chant shifts from one key to another. For example, when performers shift their voices from the high key to the middle one, they use a higher uki note once and then lower the voice to the middle key. There are four types of uki in Yowagin, including uwauki, nakauki and another uwauki (in the Sashi scale), with one type of uki, or nakauki, in Tsuyogin. Apart from music, uki also refers to a form of action in kyōgen in which actors cheerfully stamp their feet while bending and stretching the knees.

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