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Gakuya (楽屋)

Rooms behind the Noh stage where the performers to carry out their preparations. Gakuya usually consist of several Japanese-style rooms, each more than 10 tatami mats in size. Separate rooms are allotted to shite, waki, and kyōgen actors, as well as musicians. Generally, Gakuya are not allocated to individual performers. All of the slide doors of the rooms are kept open so that the inside can be viewed. Drinking water and tea are prepared in each room. The actors' room includes a shelf for costumes and props, while the musicians' room contains a charcoal brazier for preparing the drumhead. The second closest room to the stage is often called the "shōzoku-no-ma" (room for costumes) and is frequently used by the leading actor for changing costumes in the interval. There is also a space for making props in the corner, so materials such as bamboo frames are kept in stock. Gakuya are usually very neat and orderly. The positions for the performers reflect their ages and roles.

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