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Nohgakudo (能楽堂)

A theatre dedicated to Noh and kyōgen performances. It consists of the stage, the auditorium and ancillary facilities including greenrooms. Until the end of the Edo Period, Noh stages were usually set up under the open sky. Indoor stages had a more private function as a place for rehearsals. In 1881, Shiba Noh Theatre was built at Shiba-kōen in Tokyo with the aim of leading a renaissance for Noh, which was at a low ebb after the fall of the Shogunate. The theatre was the first to have the stage and the auditorium in the same building, in the style that came to be called "nohgakudo." The indoor stage means Noh and kyōgen plays are now watched closely in a silent environment, which was also a great turning point in terms of performance. The stage of the Shiba Noh Theatre was later moved to Yasukuni Shrine in Kudan, Tokyo, where it remains today.

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