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Noh-gakushi (能楽師)

Performers involved in the art of Noh (Noh and kyōgen) as their profession. Responsibility for their work is divided strictly among the people in charge of leading roles (shite-kata), supporting roles (waki-kata), kyōgen plays (kyōgen-kata), and music (including divisions for flute, small and large tabors, and drums; hayashi-kata). Each of these divisions has its own schools. Shite-kata are in charge of protagonists (shite), roles supporting the leading part (shite-tsure), those accompanying shite or shite-tsure (tomo), groups (tachishū), child parts (kokata), assistants (kōken), and choruses (jiutai) in Noh plays. Waki-kata are in charge of secondary actors (waki), roles supporting waki (waki-tsure), and infrequently of assistants to waki (waki-kōken). Kyōgen-kata are in charge of parts in independent kyōgen performances (hon-kyōgen) and interlude comedies during Noh plays (ai-kyōgen). Hayashi-kata are in charge of playing music and assisting in Noh plays, as well as musical accompaniment in kyōgen plays. Miscellaneous tasks in the dressing room, such as fitting costumes and operating the curtain, are handled by people from each of these divisions.

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