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Bangumi (番組)

A series of plays for a performance (or the order of the plays), or a small book or sheet of paper giving information about the plays. When plays are chosen for a programme, it is not just their content that is considered, but also the number of plays, their duration, and the season in which they are performed. Another priority is to avoid situations in which the plays contain similar roles, costumes or directions – such situations are known as "tsuku" (stuck together). In "Gobandate," the formal ceremonial style of programme established in the Edo period, one play in each of five groups (God, Man, Woman, Madness, and Demon) is selected and performed, together with a kyōgen play, preceded by shiki-sanban (a celebrative play) and followed by shūgen-noh (a small celebration piece). Today's programmes mostly consist of several plays including a kyōgen. Also called nōgumi.

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