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Shimai-ōgi (仕舞扇)

From actors, musicians and assistants to reciters, every Noh performer holds a fan. Actors in costume often hold chūkei, which are shaped like ginkgo leaves when closed. They also use shimai-ōgi for informal performances, such as mai-bayashi (short Noh pieces in which performers dance without special costumes to musical accompaniment) and shimai (Noh extracts performed in plain clothes without musical accompaniment). These fans have a common shape and are approximately 30 centimeters long. There are various colours and designs for shimai-ōgi, including fixed patterns for different schools, and they are chosen according to the theme and the seasons. For suutai (chanting Noh texts without musical accompaniment), some schools use suutai-ōgi, which are slightly smaller than shimai-ōgi, although they sometimes use shimai-ōgi instead.

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