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Jissaku (十作)

One of the ratings of Noh mask-makers in the old era. It refers to the ten people who were active from the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties to the Muromachi period who were regarded as the masters behind "Shinsaku". The term may also refer to old masks produced by the ten masters. “Kamenfu” (A Genealogy of Masks) is a book written in 1797 (Kansei 9) by the ninth head of the Kita school, Kita Shichidayū Hisayoshi (1742-1829). In the book, the author mentions the following ten masters: Nikko, Miroku, Shakuzuru, Tatsuemon, Himi, Yasha, Kouji, Echi, Bunzō, and Tokuwaka. There are slight differences in the choice of masters in books on esoterics, with some including Ishiōbyōe or Sankōbō in Jissaku. It is said that Nikko was a priest and Miroku a sculptor of Buddhist statues, and that they made okina masks, so they are more like “Shinsaku” (legendary masters). In fact, Shakuzuru and the others were actual professional mask makers.

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