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Tachi (太刀)

A Japanese sword with a blade length of about 60 cm (2 shaku) or more, mainly used for roles of Genpei military commanders (from the Minamoto and Taira clans) or noblemen. Tachi are often set in “Jintachi” style, in which part of the hilt or scabbard is wrapped with a nishiki (brocade) cloth and then tied up with a braided cord or similar. Depending on the staging, the "Efu-no-Tachi” or a similar style may be used, with the sword hanging from the left hip by a sword cord (tachio) or by a sword string (tachihimo) placed through a sword belt (hakio). In the latter case, the actor wraps a sword string tied directly to the scabbard around his waist to stabilise it there. When used for the role of daimyō or master in kyōgen plays, the actor generally has the sword in his hand, holding his sword on the left side. When a servant carries the master’s weapon, however, he should hold it in the right hand to show obedience.

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