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Noh-hon (能本)

An old name for Noh scripts. Noh-hon and utai-bon (books of Noh chants) are both for written verses, but “utai-bon” have the nature of practice books for learning Noh chants, while Noh-hon are considered scripts for performing Noh and sometimes include directing notes. Zeami used the terms “Noh-no-hon (books of Noh)” or “utai-no-hon (books of utai)”. The oldest existing Noh-hon was written by Zeami in the Muromachi period (in the Ōei era, in the first half of the 15th century). Among the plays in the book, “Naniwa”, “Furu”, “Matsura”, “Akoyanomatsu” came down to the Kanze family, and “Morihisa”, “Tadatsu-no-saemon”, “Eguchi”, “Unrin’in” and “Kashiwazaki” to the Konparu family.

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