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Ninzū-mono (人数物)

A play with many characters and glamorous stage scenes. If the number of characters in a Noh play is small, there are only two: a shite and a waki. In the case of Kyōgen, there are usually two characters: a shite and an ado, except for the particular example of hitori-kyōgen (a kyōgen play performed by a single actor). On the other hand, Noh plays with many characters include "Ataka", "Shōzon", and "Eboshi-ori", while Kyōgen plays with many roles include "Tōjin-zumō (aka Kara-zumō)", "Bakuto Jūō", and "Higeyagura", with around 15 to 20 people appearing. There are no strict rules, but if there are more than six or seven characters, it can be said that the play is a ninzū-mono. A well-known section of the Kyōgen "Tōjin-zumō" features 30 to 40 retainers of the emperor lined up from the stage to the bridge.

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