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Shikinō (式能)

A Noh performance held as an official ceremony. Considered the most prestigious Noh performance during the Edo Shogunate, Shikinō took place on the main stage of Edo Castle to mark an appointment to Shogun and other celebrations, with the Shiza Ichiryu (the four old schools of Kanze, Hoshō, Konparu and Kongō, and Kita new school) invited to perform. The program was composed of "gobandate", with "Okina" performed first, followed in turn by five Noh plays and four Kyogen pieces, and finally a small part of Shūgen-nō (a short celebration play). The running time of "Okina-tsuki-gobandate" (a five-play program starting with Okina) was so long that it is rarely performed today. The Nohgaku Performers' Association, however, holds an annual performance of "Okina-tsuki-gobandate", called "Shikinō", with five Noh schools.

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