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Wari-himo (割紐)

A strap used to secure ui-kammuri (a crown worn by a young man during the coming-of-age ceremony) or kazaori-eboshi (a traditional black fold-back cap) to the head. It is a single long silk braid of moderate elasticity, which secures the crown, prevents the jaw from being rubbed, and allows the mouth to open. The middle part of the strap is divided into two 10 cm rings. When wari-himo is used for ui-kammuri, the rings are put through the koji (the top part of the crown), then tied to kanzashi (an ornamental hairpin) to fix the crown and the strap. For kazaori-eboshi, there are two methods: one is to hang the ring on the front top of the eboshi (maneki); the other is to put the strap around the back of the eboshi and hang it crosswise.

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