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Haridatō (針畳)

A sewing set used for costumes. It is also called “Itohari” because it contains thread (ito) and needles (hari), as well as scissors. Sometimes combs or other hair-tying tools may be found. To keep the costume in position, it is necessary to bind the correct places with thread. Since the fabric is thick and tightly woven, long thick needles like futon needles are often used. For durability, many twisted smooth silk threads are used, with the looped cords tangled together to make them even more robust. Several kinds of coloured thread, including white, black and red, are prepared to match the costumes. Haridatō is used in the dressing room. Many have gorgeous outer materials made of leftover cloth from costumes. Inside the inner pincushion is cotton, or sometimes a lock of oiled hair to prevent rust.

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