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Morita-ryū (森田流)

One of the Noh flute schools. The artistic lineage of the school’s founder, Morita Shobee (1597 - 1632), is related to the master Higaimoto Hikobee (died in 1527) and is similar to that of the Issō-ryū. The head family belonged to the Kanzeschool company, but it died out after the Meiji era. The Kanzeschool is now in charge of Morita-ryū. During the Edo period, independent families emerged from among the Morita-ryū players employed by the various clans, and each family had its characteristics. Following this trend, the school still divides into Kansai and Kantō styles. A softer tone than the Issō-ryū characterizes the school. It is musically similar to the Fujita-ryū and the Kasuga-ryū, which was once the leading flute school in Japan but discontinued after World War II.

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