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Fujita-ryū (藤田流)

One of the Noh flute schools. The founder of the school was Fujita Seibee Shigemasa (1600 (Keichō 5) - 1677 (Empō 5)), who served the Owari Tokugawa family after working for the Imperial Household. He was a disciple of Shimokawa Tansai (years of birth and death unknown), a flute player in the early Edo period who was and a member of the artistic lineage of the master Higaimoto Hikobee (died in 1527 (Daiei 7) and the founder of the Issō-ryū, Nakamura Shichirōzaemon (died in 1539 (Tenmon 8)). Musically, it is considered to be similar to the Morita-ryū. Many ornamental notes characterize the school, and their ashirai-bue, which plays without matching the beat, is different from other schools. The current performers are mainly based in Nagoya.

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