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Shukkin-ryō (出勤料)

The fee for performing Noh and Kyōgen. In the Noh world, a performer’s appearance on stage is called shukkin (attendance), so the terms “performance fee” and “guaranteed fee” are not used. Zeami’s “Fushikaden (The Flower Spirit)”, a theory book on Noh in the Muromachi period (1333-1573), refers to appearances at temple and shrine services as sankin. “Sarugaku Dangi (Lecture about Sarugaku)”, a book on the esoterica of Noh plays in which Zeami’s discourses are recorded, refers to appearances in kanjin-noh as shusshi. Since ancient times, Noh has had strong links with temples and shrines, and an aspect of the consciousness of Noh performers can be seen in what was a ceremonial performance for the Edo shogunate.

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