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Fukuō-ryū (福王流)

A Noh school of waki actors. The founder of the school, Fukuō Kamiemon Moritada (1521-1606), was a Shintō priest in Miki, Harima Province, and was taught by Kanze Kojirō Motoyori, who was a waki actor of the Kanze company. Later, the school served in the waki part of the Kanze company for generations. The lyrics and style of its Noh chanting have much in common with that of the Kanze shite school. The fifth-generation head, Fukuō Mohei Morichika (1609-1673), lived in Kyoto in his later years and energetically taught su-utai (chanting a Noh text without musical accompaniment), laying the groundwork for the rise of su-utai in Kyoto.

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