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Takayasu-ryū (高安流)

A Noh school of waki actors. Its origins go back to Takayasu Chōsuke (died 1585), who lived in Takayasu, Kawachi Province. The school was founded by Kongō Yohachirō II, an adopted child of Kongō Matabei Yasusue, who was a waki actor of the Kongō company and later succeeded to the position of 10th Kongō Dayū. Another tradition is that the founder of the style was Tarōzaemon Shigemasa III (unknown birth/death), who was the son-in-law of waki actor Shundō Rokuemon Yūson and took the name Jukan. In the Edo period, the school mainly belonged to the Kongō company, and even today its chanting has much in common with that of the Kongō school. In 1870 (Meiji 3), Takayasu Hikotaro XIII died and the family ceased to exist. Many students preserved the artistic tradition, however, and in 1929 (Showa 4), the Takayasu family was revived.

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