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Ono (斧)

Stage prop used in Noh and Kyōgen. Ono (an axe) is a type of blade used to cut and split wood. In the Noh play “Tani-ko”, the leading actor in Part Two, Gigaku Kijin, appears with an axe in his hands and cleaves standing trees. In Kyōgen, it is among the seven tools held by the shite Asahina in the play “Asahina” and the long tools owned by the women who fight against the husband in the leading role of “Hige Yagura”. Smaller ones are called yoki, and larger ones masakari. Although masakari are not used as props, they have been sometimes been used as motifs in Noh costumes, because of their powerful shape and the fact that in ancient times they were considered a sacred symbol of the gods and a holy treasure.

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