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Kanmuri-himo (冠紐)

A strap used to secure a crown such as ui-kanmuri (worn by a young man during the coming-of-age ceremony), or kazaori-eboshi (a traditional black fold-back cap), to the head. It is a single long silk braid, often made using a braiding method called kanmuri-gumi, with moderate elasticity to meet many requirements, such as securing a crown, preventing rubbing of the jaw, and allowing the mouth to open easily. It is also called “warihimo” (split cord), because its middle part divides into two 10cm rings. There are several ways to twist the cord around ui-kanmuri, but if the rings are used, these are put through the “koji” (the top part of the crown) and then tied to “kanzashi” (an ornamental hairpin) to secure the crown. The most common colour is purple.

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