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Fukkyoku (復曲)

Around 200 Noh plays are performed as “current pieces”. The existing Noh pieces are based on the “kakiage” report submitted to the Edo shogunate by the head of each Noh school. Still, it is said that the number of “non-current pieces” that do not appear in the kakiage is more than ten times the total of existing pieces. There are many non-current Noh plays that are worth performing, with revivals known as “fukkyoku” (revival of Noh plays) and restored performances “fukkyoku Noh”. Some pieces can be performed in a relatively short time with complete lyrics, melody, movements, and musical accompaniment. In contrast, others may require various considerations and creative work due to the loss of elements. The cooperation of performers, researchers, scholars and others is essential for revival, which requires much work. Still, the restoration process and the audience reactions often reveal new attractions of Noh. Revived kyōgen plays are called “fukkyoku kyōgen”.

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