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Koyui-eboshi (小結烏帽子)

Headgear categorized as a type of ori-eboshi (samurai eboshi), used by a child actor. In the old days, the topknot string (motoyui) binding the hair was pulled outward from the inside of the ori-eboshi and tied to secure it to the head. This knot was called the “koyui”. The eboshi worn by boys is called koyui-eboshi because the koyui string is used as a coloured cord for tying the hair and extended for decoration. The function of koyui securing the eboshi to the head became formalized by the end of the Muromachi period. The koyui strings of the koyui-eboshi are now thick and prominent, wrapped with silk thread dyed in a variety of colours, such as vermilion, yellow and purple, or decorated with gold thread, to give them a glamorous appearance.

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