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Nashiuchi-eboshi (梨子打烏帽子)

Headgear used for warriors in military uniforms, etc. “Nashiuchi” was initially called “nayashi-uchi”, a soft eboshi worn under a helmet. The nashiuchi-eboshi for Noh plays is varnished with black lacquer and characterized by its slightly backwards-tilted shape when viewed from the side. Roles are sometimes linked to the folding style; in the part of Genji, for example, a hat folded to the actor’s left is used, while in the role of Heishi the hat is folded to the right. A white headband is attached to the rim of the eboshi and tied back, and braided cords are tied under the chin to secure it to the head. It is made slightly softer than the tate-eboshi, which is not folded at the apex.

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