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Komachi-mono (小町物)

A genre of plays about Ono no Komachi, a poet of the early Heian period. One of the Rokkasen (six famous poets), she was renowned for her beauty. The plays include “Sekidera Komachi”, “Ōmu Komachi”, “Sotoba Komachi”, “Kayoi Komachi”, and “Sōshi-arai Komachi (Sōshi-arai)”. Usually, “Sekidera Komachi”, “Higaki”, and “Obasute” are categorized as the “Three Old Women” plays, although some schools show respect for “Sekidera Komachi”, “Ōmu Komachi”, and “Sotobo Komachi”, which depict an aged Komachi, by using the same term for them. All of the plays are treated with importance as the most profound and esoteric work dealing with older women.

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