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Ōkura School [Kotsuzumi-kata] (大倉流[小鼓方])

One of the Noh small hand drum (kotsuzumi) schools. Like the ōtsuzumi-kata Ōkura School, the founder was Ōkura Kurō Yoshiuji, who was a disciple of Kanze Nobumitsu, a master of the ōtsuzumi. The second generation was Nisuke Toraie (Michitomo, 1520-1601). The de facto founder of the kotsuzumi players’ school was the third generation Gon’emon Toranobu (Michioki), the younger brother of Nisuke Toraie and a disciple of Mino Hikoroku, the nephew of Miyamasu Yazaemon Chikataka, the founder of the kotsuzumi-kata Kanze School. In the early Edo period, the name was changed to “Ōkura” and it mainly served as the musical accompaniment for the Komparu School. The Ōkura School is characterized by its soft tone, produced by loosely stretching the kotsuzumi's shirabe-o (flaxen tension strings), many grace rhythm patterns (tegumi), and the fact that its rhythm patterns almost coincide with those of the ōtsuzumi-kata Ōkura School. Today's performers are mainly active in Tokyo and Osaka.

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