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Kanze School [Kotsuzumi-kata] (観世流[小鼓方])

One of the Noh small hand drum (kotsuzumi) schools, also called the Kanze-Shinkurō School because many generations have taken the name Kanze Shinkurō. Although the master Miyamasu Yazaemon Chikataka (1482-1556) is said to be the founder, the actual first-generation master was the second-generation Kanze Kurō Toyotsugu (Hikoemon / 1525-1585), who was the grandson of Kanze Nobumitsu and a disciple of Chikataka. During the Edo period, it mainly served as musical accompaniment for the Kanze School and held top position among kotsuzumi-kata schools. It is characterized by the use of many hard, high-pitched “kan” sounds and not giving a call on the fifth beat of “Mitsuji”, one of the basic rhythm patterns. Today's performers are mainly active in Tokyo.

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