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Takayasu School [Ōtsuzumi-kata] (高安流[大鼓方])

One of the Noh large hand drum (ōtsuzumi) schools. The founder, Takayasu Yoemon Dōzen (1499-1557), was a master who learned the large drum from Kanze Yasaburō Mototomo, the son of Kanze Nobumitsu. Also known as “Takayasu Ebisu”, he is said to have been handsome. During the Edo period, the school mainly served as musical accompaniment for the Kongō School. Tenth generation Santarō Tadahide (1679-1746) was a renowned master who was granted permission by Tokugawa Yoshimune to use purple-coloured “Shichō” tension strings. The performance style of the Takayasu School emphasizes spirit and energy, with characteristics such as taking deep “komi” (pause of silence or breath). Today's performers are mainly active in Tokyo and the southern Kyushu region.

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